About Me

I’m Mikey
– a 26-year-old from Chicago with a passion of exploring places that aren’t on most people’s itinerary.

The Offbeat Globetrotter was created to spread the good news about places across the globe that deserve to be talked about, but have – for whatever reason – remained off-the-beaten path (that’s not to say some of the most popular cities and countries won’t be profiled, either!).

Inspiring me to start this blog was a 2022 trip to Colombia, where I experienced people and places that don’t get much attention from foreigners. No, I didn’t stroll the beaches of Cartagena or the bustling streets of Bogota (although I did spend the final two days in Medellin, which is an incredibly city).

Instead, I saw the country by bus, staying in the small town of Buga, the city of Manizales, and the tiny mountain town Jardin before a final stop in Medellin. I toured a family coffee farm with some locals, four-wheeled through the mountains with a local, and spent 10 days wandering about the beautiful country.

Unfortunately, my full-time job has never allowed me to see as much as I’d like. Here’s to that changing starting now.